Brandon Smith


I love to get to know my clients before I shoot with them, so here is a little bit about me so you can get to know me! My name is Brandon and I have been a professional photographer for about 3 years now. My work has been published in magazines and I have traveled across the world for my photography. I also love graphic design and I have an immense passion for music as well!

Creating unique and jaw-dropping images and seeing the reactions from my clients makes me feel absolutely incredible. Photography has allowed me to meet so many unbelievable people and being able to bring them a little sense of happiness from what I do brightens my day. Starting this company has allowed me to pursue this dream of mine and I am so excited to meet many more amazing people and create stunning pieces of art.

Photography and graphic design are such personal and intimate experiences and I understand how important it is to meet and exceed all expectations. This is why I value developing personal relationships with each and every one of my clients to enhance their experience. I am always free to talk or meet with my clients before a shoot to give them comfort and ease of mind. So what are you waiting for? Click here to send me a message!






      Provide stunning, authentic images to each and every client.

      Use state of the art equipment and technology.

      Provide unique and creative images.

      Continue learning and expanding on cutting edge practices.


      Provide exceptional service and quality.

      Meet challenges with a positive mindset.

      Communicate with clients to establish clear goals and expectations.

      Arrive on time, meet deadlines, and wear proper attire.


      Respect all families, businesses, and individuals.

      Be patient, courteous, and thoughtful.

      Speak kindly and honestly about ourselves and others.

      Honor and respect time given by clients.


      Do what is right.

      Never compromise ethics, morals, or standards.

      Support the development of others.

      Act responsibly.